The giving tree


I have recently been looking back on many child hood books and have been noticing the great morals of each and every book.

The giving tree particularly is one of my favorite child hood books. The moral of this book is to be happy with what you have, because eventually if you keep wanting more and more you will end up unsatisfied. Appreciate what you have while it’s there.


Mandatory Recycling Thoughts Part 1

I interviewed my Language arts teacher Mr. Naser and asked him How far is far enough when it comes to the new mandatory recycling law.

How far is far enough?

” Where you live, all we can do is assume based on what  see, but we really don’t know. So, make the best assessment. Certain things as time changes, the constitution changes. So I believe that the Recycling law is fine because so many people can’t be lazy. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I think the law isn’t enough, Do more Waste management. We are adapting realization. World change, have an open mind. Standing behind something is great when you believe in it, but believe for yourself. Never let what you stand behind, stand in front of you.” 

– Mr. Naser on How far is far enough? About recycling.


I asked a few of my teachers to name three good things about themselves. I thought this would  be a good way to get to know them better as well as a great self motivation question.

1.)” Honest Man”

2.) “Passionate person, I love what I do, I love my job, I love my children, I love my family, I love my wife.”

3.) “Happy, Always happy I like to sing, I like to be happy I like to talk with my friends.”

– Mr. Rodriguez


1.) ” I get stuff done.”

2.) ” I’m Fun.”

3.) ” I’m Loyal.”

– Ms. Trotter


1.) ” Perseverance”

2.) ” Empathetic ”

3.) ” I can adjust to different situations.”

-Ms. Blancas


Mandatory Recycling?

In June 2012, the City Commission adopted a new ordinance that mandates that multi-family residences and commercial establishments implement a single-stream recycling program by July 1, 2014.

In Miami ( Where I live) The City commission passed a law that mandates recycling in multi family residences and commercial establishments, punishable with a fine.

I believe in recycling, it is obviously great for the environment, but do I always recycle? The answer is no, a lot of people sadly Do not recycle at All. I do not believe people shouldn’t recycle, nor recycle. I believe people should do what they feel is right. Especially in choosing which bin to throw their water bottle in.

How far is far enough?

To what point are we okay with the government intruding in our private lives?

Im Back!

Hello all!

Between sleep away camp, and starting high school I haven’t been active on this blog. During my break, I have been planning out many posts and interviewing marvelous people for this site. I am sorry for my disappearance but I am back and better than ever! I can not wait to start posting!

I do have several planned posts about camp, and about what went on during my absence, So I will just give a brief over view of some of the highlights of my break.

– I held a tarantula

– I roller skated

– Home made Fettuccine

– Bubble baths

It wasn’t exotic but it was just what I needed, the end of summer and the beginning  of high school.

I am pleased to announce that I am trying to go through the process of making the club that coordinates with this blog an official after school club at MAC. With the ever lasting patience of my sponsor Ms. Blank and the cup of coffee that follows her we are making progress.

Its good to be back…

Bon Voyage!

Hello all!

I am going to sleep away camp tomorrow July 13th for three weeks. During my stay I will not have the ability to blog, but I will be taking a book full of interview questions, about 30 of them. Everyday I will ask people the questions for as many days I am gone, When I return I will post all the questions. Patience is a virtue, and although I am pretty sure I don’t have any die heart fans that will sulk at my “vacation from the blog” (Yet), but I do know I have some dedicated readers that I am truly grateful for. Patience my friends because all great things are coming when I return. While I am gone ,asking strangers questions, I have a project for you.

Grab a post it note, poster, sheet of paper, screen saver on your phone, anything. Then write a goal in life, a motto, a compliment, something you are grateful for. Read it everyday. Examples: I love my family, I want to go to college, I want to be a lawyer, I look beautiful, I love my wife. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to remind yourself of something great. At least for the month.

Have a great three weeks, I have lots in store!







Have a little Faith

Here is a conversation from one of my favorite movies:

“Man: Aren’t you supposed to cheer our own religion, if you think ours is beautiful and special how can you be so supportive of others?

Rabbi: Did god make trees?

Man: Yes.

Rabbi: Why trees, why not one tree, he is god, what he makes is perfect so why not one perfect tree for the whole earth, instead he gave us the oak, the Spruce, the Elm, Redwood. So maybe faith is the same. All branches go in the air.

Man: Have you looked around lately? The trees are attacking each other, that’s not faith its hate.

Rabbi: Engaged in the name of religion wrongly, and I shall not kill nor harm my neighbor. If we both mean these things what do you get?

Man: Peace on Earth.”

These quotes are so simple but so wise. Not only in this movie, but whenever I see a rabbi every word is a story in itself. I hope to have people look up to me and my words as I grow older. This is a great example of Wise Words.


6 Things Happy people Never do

I found this article on 6 things that happy people never do and thought I would share it with all of you.

Happy people Don’t:

Mind other people’s businesses

Seek validation of self-worth from others

Rely on other  people and external events for happiness

hold on to resentment

spend prolonged periods of time in negative environments

Resist the truth

You can absolutely be happy and do some of these things, but I find myself being unhappy when doing these things and sometimes I steer away from these “Unhappy” situations to stay positive.